Things You Should Know When Applying for a REAP Grant

 Applying for a REAP grant can seem overwhelming sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) lends a helping hand to make the process run smoothly and stress free. For us to accomplish this, there are a few things that we will need from you.

Following is needed:applying

  • Dealer’s name and contact information
  • Banker’s name contact information
  • Energy Usage
  • CAGE Number
  • Duns Number


Your application will require a few documents that EIM will be more than happy to assist in gathering. We will take care of contacting your dealer, your banker and your utility companies for the information needed. If the utility company will not provide us with information due to security reasons, we can send you a standardized letter to forward to them with the request.

CAGE code and DUNS Number:

What about the CAGE and DUNS number? These two numbers are required and essential when applying for a grant with the USDA. EIM wants to inform you that these numbers may take a bit longer than any other part of the application, so please make sure to apply with plenty of time before the deadlines. You must first apply for your DUNS number. After you successfully applied and received your DUNS number, you can then go on to your CAGE code. When applying for these numbers, you will be asked for personal information therefore we are unable to request these numbers on your behalf, but we provide tips and we can be on a 3-way call to assist you if needed.

How can EIM Help with the CAGE/ DUNS?


To make this process as smooth as possible, we first provide the proper websites where you should be applying. You should not have to pay to attain these numbers: they are completely FREE. There are irreputable sites that try to charge you, which is an indicator that you might be in the wrong websites. We have also created step by step guides that walks you through the application process. If after receiving this document, you still have questions or concerns, please give us a call and we are always happy to assist you. For more details on what and why you need a CAGE and DUNS number please click here.

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