Energy Efficiency

About Energy Efficient Technologies

Increasing energy efficiency of your business can be as cheap and easy as changing light bulbs or as ambitious as retrofitting your entire operation. Older equipment like grain dryers, low-efficiency electric motors, and diesel-powered irrigation and/or grain handling systems use excessive amounts of energy and increase the emissions of your business. Targeting systems that use an excessive amount of energy can be the quickest way to reduce operating costs and increase the profitability of your business.

Grain Drying

Would you like to decrease grain drying costs, reduce grain spoilage or over-drying, increase your grain drying capacity, decrease equipment downtime, or bring higher quality grain to market sooner?

Upgrading to a new, high-efficiency grain drying system can help you take complete control of your harvest activities and increase the overall efficiency of your operation.

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Insulation can be a cheap and easy way to reduce heat loss during winter and increase the comfort of your buildings. This translates to less animal mortality and less utility bill payments.

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Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems can be energy guzzlers in a store, shop, or small business. Grants that do not require repayment can help offset the cost of improvements.

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Animal Housing

Whether you operate hog houses, poultry houses, or cattle barns, upgrading to higher efficiency equipment and/or making updates to your housing can decrease operating costs, mortality rates, etc.

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Having the proper lighting can have positive effects on any operation far beyond saving electricity. Upgrading to LED lighting systems can reduce the load on your cooling systems, reduce maintenance costs due to increased lifespan and reduce overall energy usage.

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Whether your current irrigation system is diesel or electric, updating to a new, high-efficiency system can save you a substantial amount of energy and increase the reliability of your irrigation system.

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