Hemp Production

The 2018 Farm bill approved the production of industrial hemp with procedures and regulations that are to be completed by this fall. Planting season for hemp is predicted to be 2020. Each state will have production plans and regulations defined in accordance with the federal law. As the USDA mentions, not all aspects of this … Continue reading Hemp Production

Conservation Reserve Program

Defining the Conservation Reserve Program Conservation Reserve Program or CRP encourages farmers to transform and maintain a healthy planting field. The short term incentive is a yearly rental payment. As mentioned by the USDA in the article they wrote titled Conservation Reserve Program: The long-term goal of the program is to re-establish valuable land cover … Continue reading Conservation Reserve Program

H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program

H-2A temporary agricultural workers program or H-2A Visa program for short, was created to assist American farmers needing foreign worker assistance in the field. As mentioned in an article posted by Elizabeth Creech on the USDA website, this program is beneficial  for attaining seasonal employees, or temporary workers from other countries. Please click here  for … Continue reading H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program

Technical Service Provider (TSP)

A Technical Service Provider is a professional who helps agricultural producers access opportunities available through the NRCS. As the USDA puts it in their article, “A TSP helps plan, design and implement conservation practices or develop conservation activity plans that can help improve their agricultural operations”. Our General manager, Bruce Everly, is a certified TSP in … Continue reading Technical Service Provider (TSP)

Want to get paid to improve the quality of your soil?

Think "Cover Crops." Cover Crops are planted primarily for the benefit of the soil rather than the crop yield. Cover crops help manage soil erosion; increase soil fertility;  reduce weeds, pests, diseases; and add biodiversity for wildlife. Cover crops also add organic matter to the soil and improve soil moisture use efficiency. Furthermore, they minimize soil … Continue reading Want to get paid to improve the quality of your soil?