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Founded in 2002, Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) has assisted hundreds of grant applicants and other clients. We’ve provided agricultural consulting and grant writing services for many USDA programs including the Rural Energy for American Program (REAP). EIM strives to help create a greener future for rural America through energy audits, advising, and grant writing.

Grant Writing

You’re busy, so researching rules and regulations on how to submit a compliant application to the USDA is a time-consuming task you don’t need to add to your to-do list, let alone the time writing the application itself. Our staff has years of experience writing winning grants for people just like you.

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Energy Audits to Reduce Operating Costs

Updating outdated equipment to current technology and design can reduce operating costs by 30-40% or more. We are an NRCS-certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) with years of experience completing energy audits for businesses to identify improvement measures, calculate projected savings, and secure NRCS funding for equipment replacement.

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Consulting and Services

Often, the biggest barrier to getting started on new projects is finding qualified people to assist and guide your business ideas. Our company provides consulting services for both technical and financial business improvements.

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Starting a New Business Venture

There are outstanding programs that provide up to 30% of the funds needed to start a business (e.g., low or no-interest business loans).

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“Dan and I want to give a Big Thank You for all the work you did on our behalf to get the grant acceptance! We are thrilled. Things are going well with our business. News of the grant gives us a big boost!”

Dan & Deb Beer

“Just wanted to say we could not have done this without all of your help. It was scary and daunting but you helped us get through it. I would not suggest anyone try on their own! You guys are well worth the investment!”

Fanning Springs Storage INC.

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