How to Get Financial Assistance

There are numerous ways to get financial assistance for improving or expanding your business, including: Loans, Grants, Subsidies, and True Leases.

Loans : These are typically used when you can’t wait for a granting agency to review the project and decide whether to fund it.

Grants: Grants are the preferred way to go if you are paying a significant amount in federal taxes, typically around $20,000 per year.


Pays 5%-30%

Pays 25%

Pays 30%-50%

Pays 25%

Time Frame

6 months

2 months

18 months

24 months

True Leases: True leases are the best way to go if you have a sound business but are not paying enough taxes to claim energy tax credits.

  • A True Lease: Another firm owns the equipment and you use it
    • You get 16% of the project and 0% interest for 7 years.
    • Power Purchase agreement:  Purchase energy at a reduced rate for 6 months

Positives: Simple and Quick

Negatives:Little cash-flow and You are utilizing a tool that you’re not investing in.

What choice is best for you ?

If you are still unsure, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss opportunities that are suitable for your needs.