How to Increase On-Farm Revenue

It can be hard to survive and remain profitable in this ever changing economy. We’re here to help your small business not only survive but thrive. Increasing revenue from existing streams and diversifying your operation by adding streams are both key to ensuring your business remains viable into the future.

INcrease Yields

Of course, increasing yields per acre is the first focus of most farmers. Making modest investments in soil health can be a mutually beneficial way to increase yield and turn an unproductive field into a bountiful field in only three to five years.

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Fast Frequency Response

Fast Frequency Response (FFR) is a new and exciting industry emerging with the increasing supply and falling cost of energy storage technologies. Basically, FFR is a method of stabilizing the power grid by storing energy in various locations that can be called upon when the grid needs immediate backup. Many utilities already have or are developing programs to pay businesses to maintain an energy storage device for such times of need.

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