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There are several variables that go into sustaining an energy efficient business. It takes more than hard work and dedication; It can also be extremely expensive. We want to thank you for your efforts toward sustainability and inform you about REAP grant opportunities to assist you, click here. Before applying for a REAP grant, Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) wants to stress the importance of the USDA and their rules. Rules tend to change every now and then, but one rule that has been consistent STOPthroughout the years is the following: You may not start your project, pay for your project, or put money down for your project until AFTER your application has been received by the USDA. If you have done so, you are risk being disqualified for the grant. EIM is looking out for your success and wants to ensure you a shot at these grant opportunities. For us to do this, this specific rule must be followed.

Do I Qualify for a Grant?

Do I Qualify for a GrantFor the rules and regulations on qualifying for the REAP grants, please  click here. We want to make sure you meet the USDA requirements, if you’d rather discuss your situation we would be happy to sit down and talk to you. We will help you determine if you qualify and we will go as far as to let you know where your score stands. To do this, we request some information, we then review that information and determine where if your score is high or low.

EIM writes grants that have a high chance of winning. If we see that you have a low score we will let you know. You can then choose to stop the application process, or you can continue.

How Much for Our services?

EIM’s goal is to help you get funding for your projects, especially renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Our team communicates with you to get the best possible outcome. To begin the process,  we charge a small fee up front. We do our due diligence and review all the information as a team.

If it seems like you have a low score, we give you the opportunity to stop the application process. We return more than half of the fee we charged up front. Our goal is not to take your money, our goal is to help you earn funding. EIM has an 80%-win rate, so we are willing to return your money only if your score is low and we believe you don’t have a chance. For those applicants that have a high score, or have a low score but want to continue anyway we do the following:

  • Get in touch with your dealer for information needed on your application
  • Get in touch with your banker for information needed on your application
  • Perform an audit
  •  Compile and organize about 100-150 pages that complete the application
  •   Ship out applications and follow up with the USDA

If we complete your application and you win, we charge a “winners fee” but if you don’t get the funding we do not charge you anything beyond the initial fee.   For fee cost or any other questions, you may have, please contact us at or (317) 228-0134. We are always happy to answer your questions.

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