Healthy Soil is the Foundation of Organic Farming

As mentioned on the USDA website:

“NRCS can help farmers and ranchers with a number of conservation practices that build healthy soil. Diverse crop rotations, cover crops, nutrient management and conservation tillage are examples of practices that feed the soil, reduce erosion, improve soil structure, and enhance nutrient cycling and water retention.”


All that means is that, just like Energy Improvement Matters, the NRCS wants to help create a greener future. What better way of creating a greener future than beginning with the foundation of an organic farm, the soil.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Soil


Key Terms: Throughout the video posted by the NRCS, you will hear the following terms being mentioned. The following Key terms give you an insight on how to maintain healthy soil for all of your organic (farming) needs. Stay Informed!

  • Four Soil Health Principles
  • Crop Rotation
  • Cover Crops
  • Nutrient Management
  • Conservation Tillage and Organic No-Till


“NRCS is a great resource for understanding some baseline things, like soil types and characteristics of a particular growing environment right up through supporting cover cropping, high tunnels and a whole range of technical assistance and financial support.”

Jack Hedin

Featherstone Farms, MN

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