TRUE Value of a REAP Grant


EIM, LLC recommends  Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants.  While REAP grants through the USDA pay up to 25% of the project cost for energy saving equipment or renewable energy projects, the TRUE value is in the amount of money you might save over the life of the improvements. For example, the USDA Rural Development office may award you $20,000 on an $80,000 grain dryer. The new equipment being more energy efficient than the current one would save you money.  $40,000 It is estimated to save in utilities over the life of the dryer.

Energy Improvement Matters has offered grant writing for REAP applications, full-service consulting in the areas of energy audits, and grant administration since 2008. EIM professionals work closely with state and federal agencies to help you complete grant applications in the easiest manner possible. EIM works with you, endeavoring to foster growth on your farm and to save you money. With more than 400 successful grants in 34 states, EIM has won millions of dollars for our clients.

In the last 3 years alone, our work has yielded one third of a million dollars in REAP grants. The REAL value is the $7.5 million in “lifetime benefits”! 7.5 Million dollars is the cost of energy saved over the life of the equipment/project in the grant. On average, whatever the USDA paid for the REAP grant multiply 20 times. This would be approximately what that applicant saves over the life of the equipment. Give us a call at EIM if you have a project you are considering. Phone: 317-228-0134 or email



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