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Anyone can write a book, but that doesn’t mean it will be a best seller. The same concept follows when writing a grant. Energy Improvement Matters doesn’t want to simply write grant applications, EIM wants to win grants. We ensure that all our customers have a good chance at winning. Our goal is to open that one door, that can assist you in the long run.  How do we ensure this?

1. Communication

Getting to know our customers is extremely important. We believe that speaking to our customers, discussing their backgrounds and getting to know them helps define who they are and what they are looking for. It not only determines what we can do to assist them, but also how to go about helping them. Some people need more assistance in specific areas of the process than others. We are always happy to answer any questions our applicants may have regarding our company and are ready to assist when needed. EIM lets you know when we start the process, when we are missing items, and when we have completed your application.

2. Transparency

EIM is as transparent as possible with applicants. We provide a pre-audit towards the beginning of the application process to determine the score you would be applying with. If the score is low, we inform our applicants and discuss different alternatives and possibilities. EIM is a company that was born for one sole purpose, to help fund a greener future. We believe that false promises are not the way to go. We tell you things as they are, by doing that we can explore and exhaust other opportunities out there for you.

3. At Your Service Every Step of the Way

The application process consists of several steps. EIM understands that our applicants have a busy schedule, so we tell you at the beginning what items we need from you to complete the application. If we can get the information from your dealer or banker, we contact them directly, but sometimes there are items we are unable to obtain without you. To make things easier if you are having trouble, we provide step by step guides (such as how to apply for a CAGE or DUNS number). We also encourage our applicants to give us a call when stuck and we are more than happy to answer any questions.

Helping fund a greener future is our goal. Let us help you today.

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