Grant season is here!


As you think about planting, we think about granting. We are in the busy season for grants and want you to know we are ready to help. Our normal staff has grown to 8 people who are ready to help you succeed at winning Rural Energy for America (REAP) grants. In addition to Janet and I, we have two energy auditors assessing energy performance (Quinn and Paul); two writers (Sybil and Andrew); a web developer, Roz; and Wendy and Jennifer for quality control.

We are ready, willing and able to help you apply for projects that will reduce your energy usage or create renewable energy. Projects that the USDA has taken a strong interest in are:

1)      Upgrades to an existing irrigation system

  • Conversion of diesel to electric
  • New controls to reduce water usage
  • Nozzle change outs

2)      Improvements to animal housing

  • Sealing/insulating
  • New heating system

3)      Improvements to your shop

  • Sealing/insulating
  • Geothermal

4)      Installation of photovoltaic (solar) panels to reduce your electric bill

  • For irrigations systems
  • For dryer fans and augers

Most interesting this year is the increased competitiveness of solar projects to win grant money.  Over the last 12 months the installed cost of these systems has dropped 24% and we are starting to get maximum points for payback in the grant.

So, if you plan to take advantage of this program this year, now is the time to let EIM know your intentions. We promise to make the experience as pleasant as a government program can be and hope to continue our success in winning these grants for our clients. Please let us know your plans TODAY!

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