REAP Grant Deadline Fast Approaching


With the start of the new Farm Bill, much has changed and improved in the world of grants. We just finished work on three critical programs under deadline (Value Added Producer Grants, CSP, and NRCS audit requests), but the largest grant program is now underway.  The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) will soon be officially announced with an anticipated DEADLINE of April 30.  This program will distribute $74,000,000 in 2014 (the second largest amount in the program’s history). 

 Many organizations have already committed to pursuing this grant, which can pay up to $50,000:

1)     Improving existing irrigation equipment (typical 1 to 2-year payback)

            a.     Conversion of diesel to electric motors

             b.     Installation of low pressure nozzles

            c.      Variable frequency motors

2)     Installation of photo voltaic systems ( typical 3 year payback after subsidies)

3)     Upgrades to grain drying systems (typical 4 year payback)

4)     Sealing and insulation of animal housing (hogs, turkey, chickens)

In order for us to write your 150 page application, we will soon need written confirmation of you interest.  We know that this program is a great money maker for producers, since we won 98% of the applications written last year. While we cannot promise such good results every year, we can tell you we have helped farmers receive over $12,000,000 in direct payments for energy efficient equipment.  We mention this to let you know that this grant is Real, Realistic, and RIGHT now.


We have easy intake forms available for most applications and are committed to getting you through this application process in just a few hours of your time. You do not have to go to a USDA website unless you want to, just call EIM at (317) 228-0134 and let us answer your questions. If you have an interest in pursuing this grant, today is the day to call and let us know that you are in.  


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