First REAP Deadline of 2019

Happy New Year indeed! As we welcome 2019, we just want to remind you about our upcoming Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant deadline on February 28, 2019. This grant from the USDA pays up to 25% of eligible equipment costs on solar panels and energy-saving irrigation, grain drying, and animal housing equipment (as well as other things). We understand you may have questions about this grant program and we are happy to assist you. There are so many opportunities out there for you! If REAP is not something that you want to apply for, there are several other opportunities open to you. Our goal is to  assist you in saving energy and improving your bottom line. If the REAP grant is what you would like to apply for, contact us today for the information needed to begin. Again, our office deadline is February 28, 2019. Give us a call at (317)228-0134 or send us an email at

If you would like to know about the other opportunities, give us a call and we will gladly provide you with the appropriate information.

 Looking forward to assist you today!

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