The Real Value of an On-farm Energy Audit


You may have heard EIM discuss and recommend “on-farm energy audits”. This can help assess where you could save money by paying less on your utility bills. If you ask the NRCS office, they currently have a program to pay for these audits (known as an Agricultural Energy Management Plan 128). When you receive the approval, a Technical Service Provider (TSP) comes to your farm. He looks at the energy consuming equipment, calculates the approximate energy usage and annual costs associated with it and gives written recommendations on how to save money. Bruce Everly, General Manager at EIM, is a Technical Service Provider. He can provide these audits in most states for whatever the NRCS is willing to pay. This would mean the audit would be FREE to you.

REAL Value

The REAL value is in the amount of money you might save over the life of the improvements. NRCS may pay $2000 to $3000 for the energy audit. If you implement the suggestions made by the TSP, you could save $200,000 over the expected life of the new improvements (based on EIM’s average). all“AgEMP 128” recommendations completed by our office will give you estimates for “return on investment” and many of the suggestions qualify for EQIP funding through the NRCS. Please call the NRCS or EIM to see how to begin the process for your farm.

Energy Improvement Matters has offered full-service consulting in the areas of energy audits, grant writing, and grant administration since 2018. EIM professionally works closely with state and federal agency contacts to help your complete grant applications in the easiest manner possible. EIM works with endeavoring to foster growth on your farm and to save you money. With approximately 500 successful grants from 34 states, EIM has won millions of dollars for our clients.



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