Energy Efficient Tractor Use


North Dakota State University’s Extension Service published a Farmstead Energy Audit, which details many ways to reduce on-farm energy usage. The very first practice they discuss is “Tractor and Field Operations.” Many attempts to reduce energy use deal first and foremost with electricity. This report points out that managing crops in the field is one of the costliest tasks a farmer must do.

The report mentions a few large conversions that greatly reduce fuel used per acre, including: paying close attention to horsepower per gallon ratings when buying a new tractor, adopting low or no-till planting practices, and installing auto-steer systems on your current tractors. However, buying new equipment or greatly altering your planting practices aren’t the only ways to save money in the field.

The report also makes suggestions about basic tractor maintenance that, if ignored, can add up to thousands of dollars of fuel wasted. Suggestions including: properly inflating tires, keeping fuel storage shaded, cleaning fuel injectors, and properly pairing tractors with each implement.

Reducing energy usage on your farm is good for all of us. Click the link below to see more about these energy-efficiency practices and many more: Farmstead Energy Audit


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