Ending of the Alphabet Soup: X, Y, and Z

This is the final installment (X, Y, and Z) in the series “The A’s to Z’s of Grant Writing with Ease.” I hope you have found it helpful, informative and thought provoking.

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EXperts: Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) associates are experts in helping you through the jumble of acronyms and red tape to apply for and receive grants and subsidies. As the state consultant for the Indiana Department of Energy Management when the REAP program rolled out, Bruce Everly informed farmers and rural business owners around the state about the new program. He later passed the rigorous testing to become a Certified Technical Service Provider for the NRCS. Janet Everly, EdD wrote grants and was a tenured Assistant Professor at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis for almost 20 years. She and Bruce own EIM and are actively involved in the day to day operation of the company. Sybil Brownfield has her master’s degree from University of California – Irvine and has been with EIM since 2012. She is extremely knowledgeable on grant writing and is such an expert on obtaining DUNS and CAGE numbers that folks at the USDA have called her for assistance. Keith Cooper is nearing the completion of his Purdue University engineering degree and plans to work in environmental engineering.  He works in our office part-time, assisting with the energy audits. Karen Stroup, PhD is a part-time grant writer with EIM, a paralegal, and the retired Director of Riley Children’s Hospital’s Community Education and Child Advocacy Department. Andrew Wray worked with us after he graduated from Butler University with degrees in history and communication. He continues to serve as a contractor for EIM as he finishes his law degree at Loyola University.strip

You: As we have said so many times on the phone with a potential grant applicant, “Please do what is right for your farm. Don’t let the potential grant dictate what you do, but if it can augment what is good for your farm, then we are happy to help you work toward meeting your goals.” You are the key player in deciding what grants and subsidies are best for your situation. We are here to help you!strip Zee End: I hope this look at grants and subsidies “The A’s to Z’s of Grant Writing with Ease” has been helpful. All of us at Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your grant writing needs.



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