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Winter is in full swing in Indiana and many of you are out of the fields around this time of the year. This has been the ideal time for EIM to visit your operations and complete on-farm energy audits. Our team has experienced high levels of professionalism and competency shown by multiple applicants and would be glad complete an on-farm audit on your farm!

 Based on the many conversations we have had in the last month, EIM believes it would be useful to read some of the ideas circulating on ways to increase profits. The ideas we have gathered fall into three camps: 1) Ways to increase profit on sales, 2) Ways to enter new markets, and 3) Ways to reduce costs.  Without going into too much detail, we would like to provide the main ideas we have gathered. If you would like more details, please call Bruce – he would love to share details and hear your ideas.

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 1)      Ways to increase profit on sells (or get more directly in contact with end buyers of your grains.)
         a.       Food suppliers
         b.       Distillers
         c.       Restaurants
         d.       Overseas sales

2)      Ways to enter emerging markets.
       a.       Growing produce
       b.       Growing hops
       c.       Converting corn into high-quality bourbon
       d.       Making pellets from CRP land grasses or stover from corn fields 

3)      Ways to reduce costs.
      a.       Using improved grain drying systems to decrease the cost to dry by 10 cents per bushel.
      b.       Using cover crops to reduce the purchase of nitrogen.
      c.       Reducing waste in the irrigation system, both diesel and electric, as well as the amount of water               applied.
     d.       Making your own NH3 or liquid urea.

We know that the best ideas come from work experience in the field and we would like to hear from you! In April, the USDA will open up $20,000,000 in funding for ideas like the ones above.  We want to hear your ideas to see if we can help you make things happen.

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