Announcment for 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plans to award up to $12.3 million in grants and $57.8 million in guaranteed loans for this funding round.  Additional REAP funds provided by the 2014 Farm Bill will be made available with a subsequent notice. Please contact EIM, LLC as soon as possible if you want to submit a grant for this funding cycle. All materials (intake form, quotes, etc.) and initial fees must be turned in to the EIM office by May 30, 2014 to allow grant-writing and mailing time to meet the USDA deadline.) To get started, please contact EIM,Bruce and Janet Everly, at (317)-228-0134 or

 Applications will be accepted for grants, guaranteed loans, and combined grants and guaranteed loans for the development and construction of Renewable Energy Systems and for the installation of Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects.  Grants can cover up to 25 percent of total eligible costs, while Guaranteed loans can cover up to 75 percent of total eligible cost.

Eligible projects in the accepted technology areas include:  Anaerobic Digesters, Biomass / Biofuels, Geothermal (including electric generation and direct use), Hydropower projects (30 megawatts or less), Hydrogen, Solar (small and large), Wind (small and large), and Energy Efficiency Improvements.

 Examples of Energy Efficiency Improvement projects include, but are not limited to:  the installation and replacement to more energy efficient motors, pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, grain dryers, irrigation projects, refrigeration units, ventilation systems, windows, insulation, heating systems, lighting systems, and energy shade curtains.

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