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Energy Improvement Matters! (EIM, LLC) is excited to help locate and secure entrepreneurial, energy-saving, and innovative grants and loans for their farms. EIM wants to make it easy for everyone to win government subsidies and grants for pursuing environmentally sound projects.lending handHow can EIM lend you a hand? Please contact us at phone number (317) 228-0134 or via e-mail at as soon as possible if you have interest in the following opportunities:

  • REAP grants for 2014: apply now for early bird discounts! Especially good for getting up to 25% off new, energy-efficient equipment such as grain dryers, irrigation equipment, solar power, wind power, and animal housing upgrades. For more information, see website
  • VAPG: With your suggestions, EIM will write a template for a project that adds value to something you currently produce. Please let us know if you have suggestions. For info see website:
  • The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is administered through the NRCS division of the USDA. It pays up to $80,000/year or $400,000 for the life of the 5 year contract to applicants who are listed with the FSA office as the “operator” of farm acreage. A self-screening checklist is available (along with details) at the website $18/acre is the national average payment, which applies to all land that is farmed by the “operator” (whether the land is owned or rented) as long as you will control it for the next 5 years. Some states are more competitive than others in the selection process. There are state-specific concerns and priorities so we recommend speaking to the NRCS specialist in your area for specifics. The program is for farmers willing to undertake additional conservation activities while continuing to do existing conservation activities.

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When you call EIM, please let us know if you are part of an organization.

Who is EIM? EIMis an agricultural consulting firm that has seen great success in writing agricultural and rural small business grants and in finding funding opportunities. Few agricultural consultants have secured as much grant funding or had such a positive environmental impact as EIM, who has quietly generated millions for their clients. EIM wrote 36% of all winning REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grants awarded by the USDA for grain dryers in 2012. EIM anticipates winning over $3 million for their clients in 2013. Not only did EIM win 100% of the Value Added Producer Grants they submitted to the USDA in 2012, the grants they wrote were highlighted by the Secretary of Agriculture and the USDA for their quality and innovation. Since working for the Indiana Department of Energy Management as the Indiana consultant for REAP grants, Bruce Everly has gone on to lead the EIM team to become the largest winner of REAP grants in the entire country, serving 35 states and winning hundreds of grants (including several for current FFG teams).Bruce Everly, General Manager, has a master’s degree from Krannert School of Business at Purdue University and is a Certified Energy Manager. Assistant Manager and grant writer, Janet Everly, wrote professional articles and spoke internationally during her many years as a tenured associate professor at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Bruce, Janet and their associates look forward to working with you.

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