Alphabet soup: I and J

Energy Improvement Matters (EIM) is covering the “A to Zs of grants with ease” to make applications easier for you and to increase your odds of winning grants and subsidies. We previously covered A-H, and will now cover irrigation and jobs.


Irrigation: REAP and EQIP programs offer assistance in the purchase of more energy efficient irrigation equipment. Three types of upgrades are typically well received by the USDA. The strongest upgrades would be to convert existing diesel motors to electric.  Second, there is support for activities that will reduce water usage (because it takes less energy to pump less water and it conserves water). Finally, activities that will reduce the total lift (net pressure of the pump) will be eligible.  If you are considering changing to a system with low pressure nozzles or the variable speed pumps, the project is eligible for REAP. Things as simple as having drop nozzles with less evaporative losses can be eligible.


Jobs: REAP and EQIP programs are not designed to pay for jobs, but VAPG working capital grants (a 50/50 matching grant) can help pay for labor when your application is approved. VAPG is for projects that increase the value of a product you currently produce. For example, a VAPG grant might help cover the cost of labor if you are going to expand your “Farm to Fork” sales and need a website designer’s assistance.


Key Requirements for Applicant Eligibility and Lights will be covered next in this series!

Stay tuned for the next series!
by Janet Stout Everly, EdD, COO at EIM
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